Saturday, January 8, 2011

10 facts about women's health

Check out No. 7 – WWHI is helping to change that somber fact. By advocating these women and supporting our cause, you make a difference, too.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A great start to the new year!

As we all head back to work hopefully rejuvenated and refreshed, WWHI was lucky enough to come back to donations from you! We feel so grateful to have your support. THANK YOU!

We are excited about the opportunities your donations will bring to mothers and infants in remote areas of Africa.

Our goals for 2011, which your donations help support, are centered around the following initiatives:

• Implement mobile technology in rural communities as a means to help overcome healthcare barriers.

• Train local healthcare workers on ways to garner village support and advocacy for sustainable healthcare.

• Teach village doctors how to provide emergency, life-saving care.

• Integrate medical care, technology, and economic incentives to empower women and increase sustainability.

What are your 2011 goals? Do you have any for us? Let us know!

WWHI 2010 Year in Review

For WWHI and women worldwide, the past 12 months have been marked by extraordinary opportunities. Here are just a few highlights that made 2010 an unforgettable year. As 2011 begins, WWHI remains committed to building a better future for women across the globe.
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