Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Save a life this Mother's Day

According to the National Retail Federation, some $14 billion will be spent in the United States for Mother's Day. That includes $2.9 billion in meals, $2.5 billion in jewelry and $1.9 billion in flowers. To put that sum in context, it's enough to pay for a primary school education for all 60 million girls around the world who aren't attending school. There would be enough money left over for programs to reduce deaths in childbirth by about three-quarters, saving perhaps 260,000 women's lives a year.

This year, give your Mom something truly meaningful by purchasing a beautiful gift from WWHI and, in turn, helping other mothers around the globe.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mother's Day: Mission Accomplished

For the past couple of weeks, "Mother's Day gifts" lingered on my to-do list. Until this past weekend, when I decided to save myself some time and hassle by clicking on WWHI's Mother's Day page. I bought some beautiful (and tasty) gifts for my mom and sisters.


Ahh, I love that feeling of checking something off of my to-do list. And even more, I love the idea of giving a gift that not only pampers the amazing women in my life, but also
helps mothers survive childbirth in one of the world's poorest countries.

One of my sisters, who has four adorable little girls, had her own unique challenges giving birth to her youngest child, and I know this gift will mean the world to her.

So...what are you waiting for? Shorten your to-do list, love the women in your life, and do some good by visiting today.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Celebrate Mother's Day by saving one

Your mother’s influence made all the difference in your life. She loved you. She guided you. She walked with you every step of the way.

Honor her.

Thank her.

Give her a gift that will help save the life of a new mother and allow her the opportunity to influence her children.

Go to to shop for a special Mother’s Day gift. Proceeds from your purchase go toward assisting our programs that help save mothers’ lives. Each item will be beautifully packaged and delivered with a card showing that a tribute has been made in their honor.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

WWHI brings hope to women in Senegal

Read about the exciting ways WWHI is bringing hope to the Saraya district of Senegal, West Africa.

"We are building a highly sustainable program that will transform the lives of women, children and generations to come. The future looks very bright." -Dana Allison, WWHI Executive Director

Check out this video from WWHI

Watch this touching video from WWHI - a great tribute to mothers -
and share with your friends.

The perfect Mother's Day gift

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Do your shopping at WWHI. Our selection of gifts pay tribute not only to one mother but also to needy mothers around the globe.
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