Sunday, April 25, 2010

Melissa's Story

Hello WWHI readers. My name is Melissa and I have been invited to share my birth story with all of you. I relate to WWHI's mission because I believe no mother giving birth should be alone. Hopefully you'll enjoy my story.

My son was born on August 7th 2009. He is such a blessing to my family and me. Every day is full of excitement. Without the care that he and I received I am not entirely sure that we would have survived to be here today. When my son was born he went into shock and refused to breath. It took a team of nurses and doctors to get him to breath. Several hours later they brought my son to me so I could feed him. While he was Brest feeding, it caused my uterus to contract and as a result I hemorrhaged. The baby was taken away from me and within minutes I had about six nurses and two doctors working on me, trying to get the bleeding to stop, they were prepping me for surgery. I remember I almost blacked out, things were spinning, but I was able to hold on. They finally got the bleeding to stop and I did not need surgery after all, I ended up losing about a litter of blood total, it took about five months before I felt like myself again.

I know millions of women go through much worse then what I went through, but I feel that if the women and girls in other parts of the world that are less fortunate then our country the mortality rate could be a lot lower, and in these rural parts of the world it wouldn’t be a time of morning, but rather a time of happiness and joy. If we could do the simple act of helping women and young girls who are in desperate need for knowledge and support, just think how that action can have a ripple effect, not just on the women or girls you help, but you will be helping a family, a linage, and a society to become better and stronger as time goes on.

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