Sunday, April 18, 2010

Societal Integration

Paternalism has become a "vogue" word within the nonprofit world. In the nonprofit setting, paternalism is always used when describing people from a wealthy, familiar culture, making decisions of what is right or good for another people or culture. This is always a difficult balance for organizations that are run by people who care and want to help, but forget to ask the stakeholders (those for whom the initiative is intended to help) what it is that they need/want. This integration of stakeholder needs with providers' resources is what ensures sustainability and change.

Women's World Health Initiative is determined to facilitate, not drive, change in vulnerable communities. Later this year, we will be taking a group of committed individuals to meet with, survey, inquire of, observe, and learn from intended stakeholders (mothers and children and families). We will thoroughly research birthing practices, beliefs related to death and disease, current healthcare practices, religious motivations etc. All the aspects of our society here that motivate us, is not any different or less important to communities in Senegal.

Sustainability and motivation for change is achieved by mutual respect and acknowledgement of autonomy. Communities are the means of change. WWHI is the means of support. Help us to continue these sustainable models of improvement by becoming a supporter of our efforts.

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