Monday, October 4, 2010


WWHI believes women are fundamentally linked to the success of any society and to human progress on a much broader scale. By integrating economically driven incentives with simple medical interventions, Women’s World Health Initiative has created a unique model that will address the sustainability problems other models have faced. In this way we will accomplish our mission:
Mission Statement:
WWHI invests in and educates women in vulnerable populations to change
their own communities by building sustainable local health care systems focusing on decreasing
maternal and infant mortality and early detection of preventable disease.

Organizational Goals:
1. Decrease maternal and infant mortality in Saraya District, Senegal by 75% (aligned with the
United Nations Millennium Goal 51).
2. Increase number of skilled healthcare workers within targeted villages.
3. Train local physicians and healthcare workers to increase OB surgical skills.
4. Develop an economic model that allows access to local healthcare through a sustainable copayment model as well as a finance-based incentive model to pay salaries of trained workers.
5. Gather and evaluate quantitative and qualitative research data to ensure program efficacy 
6. Replicate the model in other regions.

You can help us make real change for these women and children by contributing to this effort and being a part of the resolution. You can find out more information on our website

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