Monday, October 18, 2010

WWHI in Senegal

Exciting news! Women’s World Health Initiative continued its efforts on the ground in Senegal. Zendina Mostert, a WWHI board member, travelled to Senegal to investigate the needs of the people in our focus district, Saraya. A needs assessment helped identify various factors that affect maternal mortality, medical services that are currently available to women, and to become acquainted with the area, people, traditions, and cultural mores.
Overall, a total of eight villages were visited and local
women and men, doctors, midwives, health care workers,
and leaders were interviewed to better understand the
complexity of the issues.

The data gathered will be invaluable in informing the next
step in addressing the needs of women in Senegal.
Currently, the data is being analyzed to identify areas of
needs. It’s an exciting time for WWHI; stay tuned for more
information about the needs assessment.

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